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Stress Pandemic Announcing New Series


Issue 601

Starting in February GeoffShattockWeekly will launch a new series entitled “The Stress Pandemic “. Stress is all around us and stress is within us and it has truly reached pandemic proportions in our workplaces , our home lives as well as our cities and nations.

Stress affects every part of our health and well-being as well as our ability to achieve our goals. In the series we will look at the symptoms, causes and cures of stress. We will tackle the misunderstandings surrounding stress and the myths that get attached to its nature. Week by week The Stress Pandemic will give you a comprehensive understanding of this all-pervasive subject.


The Stress Pandemic series will be designed to help you work well. It is also going to continue our values in terms of being free to everyone who receives it. May we ask you to consider, however, making a donation to the ministry to help us continue this service as well as grow and develop other resources for this vital ministry?

Please follow the link on the left of this email entitled “Donate” where the hands are and make a donation via PayPal to our ministry. Thank you in advance. We only make appeals on an occasional basis and usually focus on the months of May and November. With the start of this new series we feel it is appropriate to make a request at this time.


You may be wondering what experience Geoff Shattock brings to the subject of stress. Here are my thoughts:

I have four or five qualifications that may be of interest to you. My first qualification is my degree is in Physiology from London University which helps me to understand the way the human body reacts under stress.

Secondly, I have a Cambridge University Diploma in Religious Studies which enables me to connect spirituality and physiology.

Thirdly, I have a master’s degree in the Psychobiology Of Stress and Stress management, which was a stressful subject to study! In addition, I have been teaching, training and consulting in the field of stress for many, many years for churches, charities, businesses and individuals.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I am a fellow traveler in that I’ve experienced numerous stresses and strains and pressures in my own life. I will bring all these experiences and qualifications to bear on this stress pandemic series.


To produce GeoffShattockWeekly it’s no extra work to send to tens of thousands then it is to send to thousands. Currently this email goes to several thousand people but if you would just forward this link to one friend and get them to register with your recommendation then we could double the numbers

I have put some text below for you to copy and paste into an email or for your social media. Everyone needs help when it comes to stress…

You will be invited to feedback your thoughts and your questions throughout the series.

In the meantime,

Work well today,

Geoff Shattock


Just a quick note to recommend Geoff Shattock Weekly to you. I find it really helpful and he is just about to start a new series called the stress pandemic. Here’s the sign up link. http://www.worktalk.gs/membership/

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