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Project Management: Geoff Shattock
Categories and Tagging: Dr Julian Churcher
Typing and Archiving;: Sandra Purselly
Programming and Updating: Steve Gordon

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Welcome the weekly archive written by Geoff Shattock

This fantastic resource will be of great value to you in your work and life – you now have a wonderful library to browse.Note we are repairing the bible search functions asap.

All weeklies are © Geoff Shattock can be used freely for personal use- for other permissions contact us on comms@worktalk.gs

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articles per page
Issue Title Series Module Season Daily Guide Date
438 Nehemiah’s Mind 10:Speech Of Your Life – Part 1 Nehemiah's Mind 7 - No 6 Aug 2012
435 Nehemiah’s Mind 7:What If Nehemiah's Mind 7 - No 16 Jul 2012
365 In Between Times 17.8: Between Sleep and Awake: I can’t; God can In Between Times 7 - No 22 Nov 2010
344 In Between Times 3: No Words In Between Times 7 - No 17 May 2010
338 Gentle Moments 5: Nourishment Gentle Moments 7 Lent No 22 Mar 2010
269 The Roads Best Travelled 32: The Road To Gaza The Roads Best Travelled 2 - No 21 Apr 2008
250 The Roads Best Travelled 13: The Road from Jericho The Roads Best Travelled 7 - No 5 Nov 2007