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Controversial Newspaper man Walter Winchell is quoted as saying
“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

In my experience people can often feel as if their world has walked out or sometimes that they want to walk out on their world.

That is where I as a coach can walk in. Read More/Less

As you can see from the coaching testimonials my ‘clients’ will talk about two major benefits.

First, is a sense of purpose and second, a deep and profound understanding of who they are..

Over the years the most common underlying issue I have encountered is that of ‘not feeling comfortable in my own skin’

My coaching philosophy along with all my work is founded on my Christian faith which leads me to believe in the unique divine design in every individual. Discovering the core, or heart, of your design becomes the energizing power for you to do and be what you do best.


In short my coaching enables you become comfortable with your wonderful design and to breathe out what God has breathed in.

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