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Do you want some support with a little time and space to think?

GEOFF SHATTOCK SAFETIME  has simple elements:
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  • Gather together in a small like minded group.
  • Listen to a GEOFFSHATTOCKKweekly reading from the Archive
  • Reflect on what you have heard
  • Safely say anything you want about your work
  • Receive some supportive prayer for your issue
  • Arrange to meet in a month or so

This is an informal small group approach which can be run at a home, in an office, at a restaurant or any small meeting room.  It works best when the group consists of people working at similar levels, even if they are from diverse fields. For many individuals merely having the opportunity to tell their story is stress reducing and supportive. The church’s role can be to provide meeting spaces and support facilitators.

because at the end of the day we all could do with a little help…
email: comms@worktalk.gs if you want some help setting up a group

solving the puzzle involves telling your story