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Issue 024

Do you have to face big problems at work? You may look at a
difficulty and wonder how you are going to overcome it. The more
you look the bigger it becomes. Pressure is added because if this
problem is not overcome there could be serious repercussions. It
may be financial or strategic. It may be a people issue or a safety
problem. It could be a technical difficulty or a moral dilemma. More
likely it will be a combination of several things. The more you think
about it the more it seems to taunt you with a defiant swagger –
almost a life of its own.

Such was the situation facing an army of Israelites every morning as
they went to work. Their larger than life problem was definitely of
the people variety and was named Goliath. No one seemed capable
of solving the problem. Fear would have been a fair description of
the current corporate culture. Then David arrived. At first he tried
a conventional strategy but in the end reverted to what he knew best
– sling shot and fast movement. It hadn’t occurred to me until a
friend pointed it out, but once David engaged Goliath, Goliath didn’t
stand a chance. The sling weapon David was using would always win
over the immobile armour of his opponent. The big issue was who
would have the courage to go up against this opposition in the first
place. David gives us insight into his courage – “I come in the name of
the living God,” he said. How about that as a mind set for tackling
your work problem? I will tackle it in the name of the living God.
With this attitude God was able to take David’s well-honed skills and
use them to defeat Goliath. David’s skills weren’t by-passed; they
were released. His attitude enabled him to overcome his fear and
engage with the problem. His skill enabled him to out-manoeuvre the
problem and God gave him victory. So what is your problem –
financial, technical, people? Is it a deadline or a bottom line? Actually
the problem may be fear. If you take the attitude that you will
confront the issue in the name of The Living God, you will find that
fear will be driven out by his perfect, powerful love and that same
power will be released in you to apply your talent and experience to
the problem.

Many people at work will poo-poo the idea of God solving real
problems in the real world. Christians tend to feel that it’s cheating
to ask for help. However, if you try it you may get a surprise. Not
many gave David good odds when he went to meet Goliath. When
David arrived the issue changed from whether Goliath was too big to
fight to the fact that he was too big to miss.

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