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Geoff Shattock


I was ordained in 1979 and have been a Christian minister all my working life but for as long as I can remember I have been able to see things in ways and from angles that most other people do not see.Read More/Less

This does not make me any better or worse than others it is just the way my Maker has designed me.

My calling is to find those angles and then invite you to enjoy the view!


This calling has now distilled into three specialisms:


When you read my writings, hear me speak or receive some coaching you will discover two key benefits for you which are motivators for me.

The removal of unnecessary pain

Seeing Jesus of Nazareth in ways you may not have seen before


I am old enough and wounded enough Read More/Less

to know this happens because many good people (and even some critics) constantly tell me this is true!

In this section of the WORKTALK site I will walk you through my three specialisms and invite you to receive for yourself from what has been given to me. This is not my bio that is found here.



because solving the puzzle means breathing out what God has breathed in…