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You Have Heard It Said 3: Time and Healing


Issue 152

After any loss, whether it be financial, personal, corporate or individual, those who are damaged the most comfort themselves with the thought that ‘time is a great healer’. There is of course some truth in the idea, because with the passing of time raw emotions calm down, disappointments fade and anger can dissipate. In short, the pain seems to pass. But to attribute these processes purely to the passage of time is to miss a power which when recognised becomes a great ally for the damaged.

Whilst in time some do seem to heal, there are others who struggle, get worse and can even become more embittered. Healing takes times and occurs within time but time on its own is not the healer. If you have had any experience of setback or injury in any area of your life and work, you will be amazed at the built-in human powers of recovery. Here is the clue: God has built into all of us the power to recover. Although there is an automatic nature to this, there is also an element of magnified recovery when we actively co-operate with him. Learning to forgive rather than stay bitter or respecting our bodies because we see them as created by him, will multiply the effect of the in-built healing processes. Doctors will often speak of facilitating the body to heal itself rather than doing the actual healing.

There is a further element. The in-built process, coupled with our active co-operation can also be bathed in the supernatural, soothing power of a loving God.

Strangely, we think of this primarily as taking place in relation to a cancer or serious illness. But why should we forget it in relation to the discouragement that comes from a failed business venture or broken partnership agreement. Why should it not also apply to the frustration of unfulfilled gifting? I would suggest that it’s time to recognise that time is not the healer and listen to a deeper, quieter, calmer voice saying, “I am the Lord who heals you”. God, not time, is the healer.

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Series: Heard Said
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Tags: failure, forgiveness, healing, obedience, recovery, time

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