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Preparing For Work 2: The Observant Spirit


Issue 197

Wouldn’t it be helpful to get some insight from God into your working life? Sometimes it’s confusing, to say the least, and hard to know what particular words from the Lord apply to your challenges. It may be that you need to see some things which will help you understand what God is doing globally in order for you to act in an ethical manner in relation to your strategic planning. It may be that you could do with some personal input which would strengthen, encourage and comfort you as you push forward in a pressurised world.

You may find that as you interact with others at work, you are beginning to wonder if God is saying some specific things to you about your colleagues; things which if spoken wisely, would be an immense help to them in their work.

This is the realm of the prophet. Prophets deal with the question ‘What is God saying here and now?’ No ‘saying’ will be in contradiction to God’s written word and all sayings will be to build people up (even challenging ones.) That we need the prophetic at work is, I would suggest, a done deal.

We all have a tendency to be wary of exaggerated claims in relation to being on a direct download connection with Heaven, but at the same time we want wise spiritual direction.

If you operate in such a way, you may find yourself drawn to the type of work which looks at trends, predictions and long-term approaches, or to the type of work which helps others gain deep personal insight. Either way we need to prepare each other to listen out for the voice of God in the chorus of market traders as we walk our paths. Seek out such people in your church who have been that way before and ask them to help you prepare for work.

If you are even the slightest bit prophetic in your church, then make sure you are preparing people for one of the biggest challenges in their lives. This is not to raise a fortune for building repairs; this is to make it powerfully through the working week.

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Series: Preparing For Work
Module: 2
Season: -
Daily Guide: No

Tags: insight, prediction, prophet

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