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Advent 4: Recovery Package


Issue 407

Analysts tell us it will take years to recover. Growth will be slow or even non existent. Interest rates will remain low and confidence will vary. Your property may never reach pre-crash levels and your assets will remain at a lower value than before. Politicians call us to believe in their recovery package, for there will be an upturn and eventually better times will return. In fact we, because we always have, will reach a recovery and even enter glory years again.

Perhaps it would be worth stopping and reflecting at this time of year and this season of economics what it is we are trying to get back to when we talk of recovery. Recover from what and perhaps, more importantly, recover to what?

Here are a few questions to kick start your mind. If your home suddenly went back to pre 2008 value, would you definitely have peace of mind? For cancer sufferers and those with terminal illnesses, would an upturn in interest rates give them hope? Would better minimum wages and more valuable pensions set people free? If share prices jumped sharply, would wounded spirits be healed?

Let’s not be na├»ve. Better economic conditions do give people a measure of mental peace, social freedom and lifted spirits. Poverty and financial hardship are damaging to the human soul. But everybody knows – financial health is not all there is. Life is bigger than life savings. Meaning is bigger than interest.

So a recovery package arrives on the first day of the first Christmas. The government will ask us to believe in him, not it. He will bring with him peace – not as the world gives it – not tied to any index of house prices, but the peace of God. It is the peace that God himself enjoys within his own character. So when we hear an announcement that the present house will be greater than the former house, you can glimpse that this recovery package will take you back beyond pre-crash and beyond pre-fall levels, in fact to a level it never ever was. It will create a house that will never fall (Haggai 2:9).

This recovery package may include a few down payments for a select number suffering from terminal diseases, but that is just a glimpse. It actually contains a gift for all of us suffering from the terminal condition called life. That gift is not a long-term, or indefinite term, but an infinite term, non-expiring guarantee of survival in full health past our death event. Seriously, if you believe, even though you will die, you will live again (John 11:25).

It is not hope in the English sense. It is not hope in the human sense. It is hope wrapped in a package of certainty.

If this package sets you free, then you will be really free, so free that no one can enslave you, however hard they try. Look back over this government’s track record. From the early years in office, Christians have been oppressed, burnt, martyred and murdered. But never enslaved because that can’t be done (John 8:36).

Breathing the Spirit into our spirits, he healed wounds so deep we did not even know they were wounds – we just knew we weren’t working well (John 20:22).

I want your house to be valuable again. I want your assets to expand. I want you to earn well and be strong financially. But no one should ever equate that with a recovery – for it will only ever be temporary. You can be wealthy, healthy and powerful yet still be blind, naked and in the dark.

Recovery is when people walking in darkness see a great light.

Recovery is when he sets prisoners free. Recovery is when gifts of death defying life are distributed. Recovery is when your house (life) soars to an all-time, sustainable high value.

Recovery is when your spirit is infused with the divine spirit. Recovery is when the Prince of Peace sooths your troubled mind.

Recovery is Christmas.

Work well
Geoff Shattock

PS Recovery greetings to all our readers. WORTALKweekly will be back on 9th Jan 2012

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Series: Advent
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Work well
Geoff Shattock

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