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A Bit Tired


Issue 194

Have you ever had the experience of feeling like you are at the end of your resources, at the beginning of a day? The eight or so hours that stretch ahead seem like a marathon or mountain, and you have no energy to run, or to climb. When you have a moment it would be well worth your while thinking about the reasons. It may be symptomatic of an underlying chronic issue. It could be that you have a health issue which needs to be raised with your GP. May be you are regularly over-working and under-resting, or you are under-resourced. Perhaps personal issues are clouding your judgement and sapping your energy. You need to listen to your body, as well as advice, to address these issues.

But your immediate problem is to get through the day. Tempting though it may be to take a shot of caffeine, perhaps it would be worthwhile taking in some spiritual nourishment. You may be feeling that God would not support you in your weariness because it has a self induced aspect. Perhaps you feel that if you are breaking the rules of health, or ignoring the rhythm of life, then you don’t deserve divine intervention. Something within you says that you deserve this and it’s your own fault for not speaking up, or out, or making different choices.

But your immediate problem is to get through the day. You may feel that you should snap out of it, get on with work, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. “Take responsibility and pull yourself together!”, the voice in your head shouts.

But if you listen carefully, the voice of the Shepherd says pray “give us each day our daily bread” and the voice of the Carpenter still says “come to me if you are weary and I will give you rest”.

The only conditions are if you are in need, and if you are weary. On both counts you certainly qualify. God still invites you to ask for what you need to make it through the day and to come as you are, not as you should be, want to be, or know you ought to be. Our Heavenly Father, it seems, is less small minded than we think and even though he sees us breaking the rules and falling into traps, he still wants to help – and why not? – any father worth his salt would still want to help. He has to  – it’s in his nature. Of course he wants you to learn and grow and make wiser choices. But if your immediate problem is to make it through it the day, come ask.

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