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Film Clips Produced

Jan 31, 2009

Geoff Shattock has now filmed a set of short film clips to help you taste some bite size thoughts. Many thanks to Jon Pagden for donating his filming skills see the clips on the watch clips page under the solutions link enjoy them as they are updated each week-look out for the archive page as well..

Local Church Staff

Jan 25, 2009

WORKTALK team is meeting with the staff team at St Mark’s Battersea 26th Jan to explore developing a workplace aware church-have you considered this for your church?

USA Trip Planned

Jan 20, 2009

Geoff Shattock will be in the US again from 10-24th February in preparation for a possible conference in June -more to follow.

WORTALK Anonymous

Jan 20, 2009

Coming in March an infomal support event for pressurised workers. See our Solutions section for details follow the SOLUTIONS link at the top of this page then look for WORKTALK ANON

St Mark’s Battersea

Jan 19, 2009

WORKTALK was invited to lead services on 18th Jan and Geoff Shattock preached three times on Facing Crises at work looking at the story of the wedding at Cana from the caterer’s perspective as well as the significance for the 30 year old Jesus of Nazareth embarking on the final stages of his life’s work.


Jan 12, 2009

Demand remains high for our coaching services and we are currently working with several clients simultaneously. See our solutions page for coaching information.

Staff News

Jan 9, 2009

WORKTALK friends will know we have had some challenges over the years in handling our support needs. We are pleased to report that Justine Moxley has now been with us for a year today and has already made great contributions to our work. Congratulations and thanks to her. Please keep praying for our team.

Our Thirteenth Year

Jan 1, 2009

WORKTALK was founded (as WorkNet) on 1st Jan.1997. 2009 is the beginning of our 13th year. Thanks to our supporters, board, chairman, partners and associates for walking the path and to Jesus of Nazareth for being the Path.