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Listed below are our resources to help you work well.

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Jesus and the Racing Rat

Hard Cover 240 pages ISBN 978-0-9553560-7-0 published November 09
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Jesus and The Racing Rat cover

This book covers the seven key working practices of Jesus of Nazareth. Spread over 10 chapters including never before published insight into the material. The style will draw you into a fascinating journey of discovery for yourself and your colleagues. It is written in such a way that you can give it to anyone you know because it starts where they are and invites them to see how a man who changed the world can change the way they work.

Cost £12.99 plus £2.00 p&p

WorkTalk - DVD Pack with Handbook (UK Only – limited stock, few remaining)

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Audio Cover The WORKTALK course has proved to be a valuable resource to the many individuals and churches who have used it. The release of the course in DVD format will make the course available to a wider audience in a more up to date format. We believe this will extend the value of the course to new and larger groups who want to learn how to work well by working spiritually.

Price: £49.99 plus £3.00 p&p

WORKTALK- CD Pack with Handbook

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Audio Cover

Geoff Shattock covers the seven main areas that people have identified as key issues at work. Live talks with voiceovers from Andrew Harrison, poetry read by Natalie Kirk plus Steve Chalke interviews Geoff Shattock about the WorkNet and WorkTalk story. Silent track points help you to move about the modules and find the midway points.

Handbook plus 8 CDs.

Cost £24.99 plus £2.50 p&p:


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This 104 page Handbook gives you a comprehensive understanding of the WorkTalk learning programme plus tips and advice as to how to use the material.

Cost £4.99 plus 50p p&p:

Welcome to The Real World

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Welcome th The Real World

Poems and performance pieces from Godfrey Rust, one of the UK's leading Christian poets.
Published by Wordsout - ISBN 0-9520212-1-8

Poetry Book: Cost £7.50 plus £2 p&p :

Forgiven Like This

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Forgiven Like This

Ten Songs From Shattock and Rust - produced by John Pantry. Eighteen musicians combine to create a multi-layered album of exciting Christian music.
Published by Alliance Music - ALD009(CD)

CD: Cost £12.50 plus £2 p&p :


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