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Consider these facts: Read More/Less

  • Work is second only to sleep as a consumer of our time
  • Work is the largest single consumer of our waking hours
  • 67% of 16-65 year olds in the developed world are in employment
  • That’s 146 million Americans for example
  • 100% of us over 4 years of age do some form of work every day


Since 1997 WORKTALK has addressed the SEVEN most common questions people ask: Read More/Less

  1. How can I handle personal pressure and stress?
  2. How can I receive and give encouragement and hope?
  3. How can I balance work and home life?
  4. How can I face difficult times with integrity and courage?
  5. How can I be myself in and outside of work?
  6. How can I achieve my goals?
  7. How can I find spiritual meaning every day?


WORKTALK uncovers surprising answers to these questions


TIP: This is not about self help