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be blessed so you can bless:

be fed so you can feed others


Designed exclusively to empower you as a pastor to face your unique issues as you fulfill your high calling 


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Coping with Pastor Pressure and Stress

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  • Understanding how stress builds up
  • Knowing specific pastor pressure points
  • Seeing how Jesus handled pressure
  • Connecting prayer with pressure
  • Learning to let Jesus reduce your pressure
  • Discovering Jesus’ key stress management skills


A Pastor’s Guide to Evangelism

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  • Identifying your core message
  • Know what the Gospel is not
  • Taking the guilt out of the Great Commission
  • Empowering your people to be good news
  • Seeing the Jesus model of evangelism


Balancing your Life as a Pastor

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  • Learning to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • The art of delegation
  • What is work and what is not
  • Dealing with worry
  • Finding your own purpose
  • Seeing how Jesus balanced his own life


 Taking Tough Decisions
(when you’re naturally a people pleaser)

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  • When and how to stand your ground
  • Seeing how Jesus dealt with difficulties
  • Dealing with your own dark times
  • When to speak out and when to stay quiet


 Being Yourself
(not just what everyone else wants you to be)

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  • Finding freedom in your created character
  • Seeing how Jesus stayed true to Himself
  • Discovering a deeper expression of your leadership
  • Enhancing your pastoral skills


Knowing your Job and getting it Done

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  • Finding a clear sense of your unique role
  • Ending each day with a sense of achievement
  • Seeing how Jesus reached his goals
  • Letting the New Covenant impact your staff interactions
  • Doing all things well
  • Living a life well lived


Letting the Lord Develop your Spiritual Life

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  • Staying spiritually fresh when you are busy
  • Seeing all your work as worship
  • Tasting the sacred in everything
  • Empowering your people in their work
  • Developing a deep sense of security


because solving the puzzle involves tending your own vineyard


Comments from Pastors who have used these materials


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‘these are, without doubt, the best materials I have ever used’
Ricky Powell

(Lead Pastor
Fort Caroline Baptist Church)

‘I have benefited so much from this study..’
Tim Maynard
(Lead Pastor Fruit Cove Baptist Church
President Florida Baptist Convention

‘this is deep but also accessible to me as a pastor and so well designed’
Gee Sprague
(Lead Pastor Crossroads Methodist)

‘a unifying and releasing study into 24/7 Christ centered living’
David Tarkington
(Lead Pastor First
Baptist Orange Park)