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The best way to start a relationship between your church and WORKTALK is to invite Geoff Shattock to speak at your Sunday service. Read More/Less

You can call the service, ‘Taking Faith to Work’ or ‘Faith in the Workplace’ or perhaps even ‘Stress at Work’. Whatever the chosen title your message to your congregation is that your church is taking their working lives seriously.

Such opportunities help people to see connections between their long held faith and their lifelong work.

Our Sunday ministry always shows people biblical teaching in a work related light. In addition, church members can explore other aspects of the WORKTALK ministry (such as WORKTALKweekly) which can serve their longer term needs.

The next step after Sunday ministry is often the organization of a WORKTALK MASTERCLASS for your staff or running a WORKTALK COURSE or even the FOUR ZERO feast of learning.

email comms@worktalk.gs to inquire about booking


because solving the puzzle means work is worship