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In 1996 Geoff Shattock was working with 280 churches in London with a membership of 30,000.

Simon Constantine was chief operating officer of a large bio-sciences group.

They saw stressed individuals trying to make sense of their work, connect Sundays with Mondays and discover a meaningful experience of their careers.

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Further, it was clear that few, if any, relevant, complex, resources existed to address these pressing needs.

Determined to design a range of high quality solutions for these important problems Geoff and Simon agreed to bring their pooled experience, longings and vision together.

In January 1997 they founded WORKTALK.

Simon became chairman and Geoff created the resources and for the last seventeen years with Simon’s support and backing Geoff has devoted his time to achieving their goals.

Since 2002 warm relationships have been established with the Christian community in Jacksonville, Florida.

WORKTALK USA was formally founded in February 2010


WORKTALK now has a UK and US  board, other outsource staff, numerous volunteers and a range of relevant and elegant solutions for you to enjoy borne out of years of dedicated development in the field of working spiritually.


because solving the puzzle involves covenant relationships