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DVD Team


Geoff Shattock (Founder) and Creative Director of Ministries for WORKTALK, being a leading provider of resources to help people work well by working spiritually.

A physiologist, stress psychobiologist and ordained minister, Geoff has pioneered teaching, training and coaching for churches, charities, businesses and individuals for over thirty years and has worked with the UK’s national government task force on employment projects. A member of the International Stress Management Association he has also completed a research project on the impact of faith on occupational stress. Geoff is a major conference speaker, broadcaster and writer who manages to combine his accessible speaking style with communicating powerful life changing thinking.


Andrew Harrison was a resident member of Riding Lights Theatre Co. in York from 1980-83 and has contributed substantially to their work over the past twenty years. His theatre credits are extensive and include numerous nation-wide tours as well as West End appearances in the celebrated “Trelawny of the Wells” and, in 2003,as co-producer of the notorious “The Madness of George Dubya”. Recent film and TV credits include THE BILL, AN IDEAL HUSBAND, BIRDS of A FEATHER, 2000 ACRES OF SKY, MISS MARPLE and PLAY IN A WEEK. He contributes regularly to Radio 4 for the afternoon play and is an established voice-over artiste. Andy is a Lay Reader in his local parish church.

NATALIE KIRK – Poetry Reader

Natalie Kirk is a classically trained actor who, after leaving the Webber Douglas drama school specialised in Shakespearian theatre paying a number of roles such as Desdemona in Lady Macbeth and Hermia.


Godfrey Rust
Godfrey Rust is one of the UK’s leading Christian poets, a musician and worship leader, and professionally a consultant on the management of information in multimedia networks. His most recent book, “Welcome To The Real World: Collected Poems and Performance Pieces 1980-2000”, is published by WordsOut (wordsout.co.uk). Of the “Words from the cross”, Godfrey writes:

“In these seven poems I have tried to imagine something of what might have been in Jesus’ mind leading up to His speaking out each of the seven words from the cross. It is fanciful, of course, and no-one could do it justice, but God likes to express Himself on a human scale, and I think that the work he gave to poets and other creative artists is to try to capture glimpses of truth and eternity in a world of mortality and illusion. There is no better subject matter for that work than man’s execution of God on the cross”.

STEVE CHALKE – Interviewer (audio version)

Steve Chalke
Steve Chalke is International Director of Oasis Trust, an organisation he set up in 1985, which now has over 300 staff, students and volunteers pioneering educational, healthcare and housing initiatives in the UK and across the globe.

For the last eight years Steve has regularly presented television programmes for both ITV and BBC, including ‘Songs of Praise’. He is a regular contributor on BBC Radio 1, 2, 4 and 5 Live. In 2002, Steve was appointed by Radio 4 as the new presenter of the Natural History Unit’s ‘Changing Places’ programme, reporting on ordinary people who have worked to transform their community.