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“Two of the most articulate voices in Christian music”

Judging from the quality of ‘Forgiven Like This’ their audience is set for expansion. In a thoughtfully conceived, acoustic orientated setting put together by producer John Pantry, Shattock And Rust sing articulate, thought-provoking songs which manage to avoid both the banal sloganeering of many evangelicals at song and the obscure metaphors of Christians bottling out of spiritual communication. Cross Rhythms Magazine

The history of Shattock And Rust goes back to 1982 when London Bible College-trained Geoff Shattock who was writing performing songs as part of his evangelistic presentation met poet and occasional singer Godfrey Rust at St Andrews University. After becoming a Christian at 14, Godfrey had drifted into the spiritual wilderness before returning to faith in 1980.  The evangelist and the Gallup Poll executive (Rusts’s occupation at the time) found an immediate affinity and began singing together. The gigging opportunities began to expand as the duo found there was a receptive audience for their increasingly incisive songs and a laid-back and laconic stage act spiced with wit and poetry.

Geoff Shattock and Godfrey Rust have produced three albums as Shattock and Rust:

You can purchase their music here.