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The mission of WORKTALK is to enable people to see that the Man who changed the world can change the way we work.

The vision of WORKTALK consists of finding ways to get the seven key working practices of Jesus of Nazareth available globally, adopted locally, and applied personally.

The position of WORKTALK

WORKTALK does not align with any one denominational creed, political party or philosophy, business model or theological dogma, but seeks to base all its approaches on a rigorous, academically disciplined, professionally handled and personally vibrant expression of the meaning of following the biblical Jesus of Nazareth.  Our roots are Baptist and we continue to network with Baptist and Baptistic churches and individuals but we now work with any who wish to integrate faith and work or explore the field of spirituality in the workplace.

This enables us to work with a wide variety of groups in harmony and collaboration


We fulfill our mission  by solving the puzzle of faith and work